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By Alexander Germanis


There is no denying how much better something made just for you can make you feel. A finely tailored suit can make a man feel like a sophisticated gentleman. A meal seasoned and prepared just the way you want it can taste phenomenally better than one ordered straight off the menu. And there’s nothing quite like when your music streaming service plays just the right song.


Working out can make you feel the same way. As your body can be different from everyone else’s in many ways, your workout should not be a carbon copy of everyone else’s. Your demands, strengths, weaknesses, goals, and even your free time are different from others as well.


At Absolute Fitness, they believe your exercise regimen should be yours and yours only. After all, nothing will fit you better than a finely tailored workout.


Your Team of Pros

No suit is cut, no meal is prepared, and no music is recorded without the efforts of well-trained professionals. Absolute Fitness is likewise staffed by expert fitness coaches degreed and certified in physical training. At their head is founder Mike Hintz, who established Absolute Fitness in 1998.


With a master’s degree in exercise physiology and certified by numerous health and fitness organizations, Mike has directed collegiate strength and conditioning programs, patients in the physical rehabilitation field, and members of the public in both group and individual settings.


From such a background, Mike has developed an in-depth understanding of the myriad paths to physical fitness and rehabilitation. “As a result,” Mike states, “the training philosophy and methods taught and prescribed at Absolute Fitness provide a unique approach to fitness in Central Illinois.”


Mike’s team of fitness coaches continue to learn as well, receiving extensive in-house training to better train each client who steps through the doors. These trainers provide constant interaction throughout every workout, removing any moments of doubt as to how best to carry on with your personal regimen.


Having access to professionals in the health field does not stop with Absolute Fitness either as they are housed in the lower level of Benningfield and Associates Chiropractic Rehabilitation Center. “For many years I have wanted to expand our services by working with health and medical leaders in the Peoria area,” Mike shares. “This led us to our current location, where we’ve now been for the last 18 months. I worked for Benningfield and Associates for two years about 25 years ago. So, it was like coming back home for me.”


Your Home (Gym) Away from Home

Most public gyms and health clubs can often be the least comfortable settings for most people. It’s easy to feel intimidated, lost, and self-conscious. That is not how one should feel, Mike insists, and proudly, he states: “Absolute Fitness is no typical gym.”


“When you enter the Absolute Fitness Personal Training Studio for the first time, you will be greeted by our friendly, caring, and professional staff who will give you a tour of our specially designed facility. The workout room is quiet, non-crowded, and distraction-free. You feel the studio’s calm yet powerful ambiance.”


From your first appointment onward, you will be guided by a personal fitness coach who will grant you their undivided attention and constant interaction during every workout. Your workouts are designed and customized based on your health and fitness history, personal goals, and a health and fitness evaluation taken during your first visit. This evaluation measures your complete body composition, functional movement, strength, and cardiovascular health. After your first session evaluation, your second session is entirely about working out. Both initial sessions last roughly an hour and are free of charge.


After this point, sessions last approximately 30 minutes and pricing options vary based on the program that is best for you. Absolute Fitness offers monthly and session packages.


“Real improvements require personal attention,” Mike insists. “The fitness programs at Absolute Fitness deliver all you need from exercise in a fraction of the conventional time. Your equipment is set up and ready to go for you. Your fitness coach will move you safely and efficiently through the workout session.”


While most sessions are one-on-one with a coach, coaches will also guide pairs of clients who are comfortable with one another: spouses, parent and child, friends, co-workers, etc. Some clients may also benefit from a hybrid model of working out in which part of their customized workout program can be performed outside of Absolute Fitness.

A Benefit for All


It’s not uncommon for people to think the gym is just not for them. But as Absolute Fitness is not your typical gym, that school of thought no longer need apply. Whether you’re a 9-year-old athlete or a 97-year-old protecting yourself from the effects of aging, nearly everyone can benefit from the attention given at Absolute Fitness.


If you have special medical or health concerns such as osteoporosis, arthritis, spinal and orthopedic limitations, obesity, cancer, fibromyalgia, diabetes, or cardiac issues, you can be helped.


But maybe you just prefer to work out in a private environment, or you simply have a very packed schedule and need the efficiency of a tailored workout. This is also the place for you.

“Many clients initially come to see us because they do not desire the typical commercial health club setting, need motivation, need a personal fitness coach and an appointment for accountability, or had previous bad experiences or injuries with previous fitness programs,” Mike shares. “Some do not know where to begin and need help in designing a program based on their goals.” Absolute Fitness is for all of them.


Train Your Mind, Train Your Body

A well-developed body often begins with a well-educated mind. At Absolute Fitness, the exercise strategy begins with the four keys: education, instruction, environment, and equipment.


“Optimal results begin with identifying realistic benefits and objectives of exercise,” Mike outlines. “Separating fact from fiction, we create a customized program specifically addressing your goals.” In the execution of that program, you will receive dedicated instruction from your certified fitness coach in a distraction-free environment ideally established to allow you to concentrate on the precise movement your customized program requires. “Our carefully selected equipment has been specially designed, customized, and retrofitted to greatly enhance the effectiveness of your exercise program.”


These four keys form together to fulfill the Absolute Fitness mission: to inspire, educate, and transform your body, mind, and spirit through innovative one-on-one and small group strength-fitness programs.


Building mind, body, and spirit together also means working out smarter, not harder. The fitness coaches are dedicated to designing, teaching, challenging, and leading you in the safest, most effective, and time-efficient progressive fitness programs.


Working smarter means quality over quantity. Your fitness coach will discover the least amount of exercise your body requires for optimal results. It’s not about how much you can withstand or endure. “We want to give you the highest rate of return on your fitness investment,” Mike assures.


“We focus on personalizing a program just for you that virtually eliminates injuries, significantly improves fitness results and reduces time spent in the gym,” he continues. “If you are in search of a safe, sensible, and effective health and fitness program—one that will give you the results you want without demanding all your time—then Absolute Fitness is your answer. I personally invite you to take the health and fitness challenge and schedule your complimentary program consultation and workout session. Your body will thank you for it!”


Discover the You That You Deserve

When you invest in something, be it a home, a car, a meal, or a suit, it should be what you expect it to be. It should be a place of comfort, it should fit you, it should be to your taste. Your workout should be the same way. It makes sense to exercise in a place that fits you, with people who understand you and respect you.

“Your body is a precious gift. Your time has enormous value. Let the staff at Absolute Fitness care for and transform you in an environment of respect, privacy, and focus,” Mike entreats. “Discover a new path for building confidence, self-discipline, and motivation for a healthy lifestyle. It’s something you deserve and something we love to give.”


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