Top Ways to Vacation Responsibly in 2021

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After months of cautionary travel and shelving vacation plans, people, especially those with families at home, are researching how they can indulge their wanderlust safely again in 2021. The goal is to enjoy a vacation in a responsible manner, creating memories while keeping yourself and others safe.

Heading to Coastal Mississippi: The Secret Coast is a good option as its location in the Southern United States brings warm weather throughout the year, plus access to the Gulf and plentiful opportunity to explore outdoors. Travel interest is up for The Secret Coast as its 62 miles of scenic shoreline dotted by unique coastal communities boast Southern charm and hospitality. Many people are choosing to discover this destination based on the Coastal Mississippi Promise of Health and Safety, which pledges that visitors can expect all hospitality partners to follow recommendations from leading health agencies and regional health care authorities to ensure everyone’s safety.

“Travel will likely still look different in 2021. While we welcome visitors to explore Coastal Mississippi and safely create lasting memories, we encourage travelers to make informed decisions when planning their vacations,” says Milton Segarra, CEO of Coastal Mississippi. In addition to visiting a destination that prioritizes public health, it’s wise to take additional steps to keep your travel group and others safe. To help you do that, here are some of the most effective ways to vacation responsibly in 2021:

Mask Up 

Everyone 2 years and older should wear masks while in public, per Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendation. This includes when you’re on vacation, so pack extra masks and plan on wearing them indoors—such as at shops or attractions—as well as outdoors if you’re within 6 feet of another person not in your household. You might even consider ordering special masks that commemorate your group trip rather than the traditional T-shirt. They make for great vacation photographs!

Know and Follow Local Restrictions

Although the federal government has provided best overall practices for staying safe during the pandemic, specific regulations may vary depending on where you travel. Take the time to research your destination and what specific protocols they may require. Then talk with your travel group ahead of time so you can all be proactive in following these rules and keeping everyone safe.

Sanitize Frequently

Keep hands clean by washing regularly and avoid touching your face. Wash with soap and water for 20 seconds, or about the length of time to sing “Happy Birthday” twice. When soap and water aren’t available, hand sanitizer with at least 60 percent alcohol is a good option. In addition to hands, consider sanitizing surfaces before use, such as the tray table if flying on your vacation. It may have been sanitized already, but this gives you peace of mind and limits germ-spread even more.

Enjoy Outdoor Spaces

When planning your itinerary, consider ideas that are outdoors. Fresh air and space to social distance is safer and can make your vacation more enjoyable. From beautiful bayous and bays to the longest man-made beach in the nation, Coastal Mississippi offers an array of outdoor adventures, including exploring the Gulf Islands National Seashore at Davis Bayou, water paddling along scenic blueways, fishing trips, sunset boat excursions, and much more.

Explore Accommodations

You want to be comfortable where you stay and confident it’s clean, so spend some time researching what different accommodations are doing to keep guests safe. Then, book what feels right for you, whether that be a sprawling resort, private bed and breakfast, or unique boutique hotel. Featuring four modern, floating cabins complete with wet bars, and private, lush outdoor showers, Hotel Beatnik in Mississippi’s Ocean Springs Creative District offers a fun new option for travelers.

Book Tickets Early for Attractions

Many attractions are altering procedures and rules to keep wellness top of mind. Call and ask about what they’re doing to keep everyone safe and if there are new occupancy limits. You may want to book tickets early because fewer are being sold so less people are in a particular attraction at once. The newly opened Mississippi Aquarium in Coastal Mississippi is adhering to all recommended guidelines and provides an opportunity for visitors to explore more than 80,000 square feet of exhibits connected by landscaped walkways with plantings representing all seven Physiographic Regions of Mississippi.

Stay Home if You Feel Sick

Finally, if you feel sick, stay home. Many accommodations and attractions will refund your money or offer vouchers for use in the future. That way you can go when you’re feeling well and can fully enjoy your trip while also helping to limit the spread of illness.

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