2022 Peoria Senior Living Tour

senior living tour

In life we have 2 options: Option #1: Prepare by planning ahead. Option #2: Deal with the emergency caused by the lack of planning.

As we age, life is full of challenges and for this reason, each year, we put on an event called the Senior Living Tour. During this fact finding and fun event, we tour and spend time in area retirement communities. Not only do we get to enjoy the snacks and hospitality of each of these retirement living communities, we also learn of the care that can be provided should the need arise. This care can sometimes be for a short period while you recover from a surgery or a temporary ailment, or it can be for long term because of a change in health or mobility. During the tour, you’ll be with a group of people so you won’t have to be afraid to ask questions. You’ll tour five different communities so you can compare the services each offers as well as the personality of the staff.

There are many obstacles that we face each year that could take away our independence. A simple fall from coming in from the snow or falling while negotiating the bathtub is a real possibility. According to the National Institute on Aging, more than one in three people over the age of 65 will fall each year. Falls sometimes are caused by the side effects of prescription drugs which can have the effect of making people feel lightheaded or sleepy. Our aging eyesight, rugs, and our slower reflexes can also lead to falls. What would usually be considered a simple fall is a great concern as we age because we’re more than likely to break a bone during a fall and the recovery rate could be much longer and complex.

When falls happen, decisions sometimes have to be made quickly for living options and recovery. Even if you have a spouse, would your recovery be too much for them to handle?  Even though your husband was a strapping young man in his early years and could passionately carry you across the threshold of your home, he’s aged now, making caring for you difficult or dangerous. Where do you go and what will it cost?  What if it’s a long recovery? These are reasonable questions that could be troublesome to answer quickly without planning ahead. 

Challenges aren’t always physical as we age. Perhaps you or your loved one is struggling with memory issues. Memory loss can be challenging because it may come and go without any warning. There are communities in our area that can help you deal with the early stages of memory loss and assist you in daily activities. You might find that you and your spouse can stay together longer and safer with just a little bit of help from one of these specialized communities. Maybe it’s time to explore the available options in your retirement years, while you still have options, before an emergency hits you or someone you love. 

During the Senior Living Tour, you might find or see something totally unexpected—you might find old friends. Yes, it’s happened many times over the years and we’re always glad when it does. One year a man was on our tour and he found his high school sweetheart living in one of the communities. They had each lost their spouses and living alone. On the Senior Living Tour, they found each other after all those years. It’s my understanding that they’re still together today. Although we can’t guarantee you’ll find a high school sweetheart, we can guarantee you’ll find a lot of information that could prove to be important at a later date. You’ll also see a lot of smiles, eat a nice lunch, and have snacks all day.

The day starts at 7:30 in the morning. We rent two comfortable charter coaches from Peoria Charter Coach and the coaches leave promptly at 8am to tour the first community. Throughout the day, you’ll tour beautiful communities and enjoy treats while gathering information. Along the way, you’ll also be given a sit-down lunch and there’s usually drawings for a few prizes.  The day will end before 5pm. No decisions have to be made while on the tour and no pressure will be given to you. It’ll just be a fun, fact finding day as you make friends with others on your same quest for information.

The seating is limited to 100 people and the fee to be on the tour is only $5. Join us and see for yourself why the Senior Living Tour has been around for so many years.


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