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One of my favorite words and ideas from my adopted New Orleans home is Lagniappe (lan-yap-from the Louisiana French/Creole dialect) and it means “a little something extra.”  With this explanation, I will share two of my favorite lagniappe projects.

The holidays are fast approaching so it is always good to have some cute, quick, and easy ideas for last minute host gifts, your hairdresser, nail tech, stocking stuffers or your quilt friends.


Snowman Candy Bars

Supplies needed:  standard Hershey Bar, snowman template, piece of felt, small piece of string, fabric scraps, scissors, glue, and tape. (The snowman template can be printed free at

Cut the template 5” H x 6 ¼” W. Center the face over the front of the candy bar. Fold the wrapper around the bar attaching with a small piece of tape. Cut a piece of felt 6” W by 5 ½” H. Make a tube with the felt that will fit over the top of the candy bar. This will be the snowman’s hat. You can sew the seam with your machine or by hand. You may also glue the felt, but it sometimes does not hold tight enough. Fold up about an inch at the bottom of the tube for the hat cuff and slip it over the candy bar. Take a small piece of string and tie the felt and cut the top to finish the hat. Finally, cut a scrap of plaid fabric 10 ½” long by ¾” high. Tie around the candy bar under the mouth. Knot the scarf. All done!


Sleigh With Packages

Supplies needed:  two candy canes, standard size Kit Kat bar, 10 pieces of Hershey’s Miniature Candies, piece of ribbon, glue gun.

Take the Kit Kat bar and run a strip of glue down each long side about ¾” from the edge. I like using a cold glue rather than hot glue, but this is a preference and both methods will work. Attach a candy cane to each strip of glue. Make sure that the crook of the candy cane is turned up. This forms the runners for the sleigh. Take the 10 pieces of candy and stack on the Kit Kat bar. Start with four pieces on the bottom and then layer the candy, 3 pieces, 2 pieces and finally one piece. Use a small bit of glue on each candy so secure the candy. Finally take a piece of ribbon 18”–24” long and wrap around the candies both ways so that the ends are on the top and you can tie the “packages” into the sleigh. Completed!

I wish you a holiday season filled with love and joy. Please enjoy this lagniappe and share with your friends and family.


Happy Quilting!


              I’m a resident in Central Illinois and welcome your comments. Please let me know if there is a quilting topic you would like to talk about. Contact me at [email protected].

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