Shopping Small Businesses

By Faye Andris

December is that time of the year when we automatically start to think about the holidays. It is an exciting time of year and much of that excitement revolves around shopping for special gifts for our family and friends. It is also a great opportunity to support some small businesses in our community.

We are so very fortunate to be able to choose from so many locally owned small businesses. We have so many to choose from and the advantages for shopping small businesses are many. Here are just a few.


Locally Owned

Our small businesses are owned by your friends and neighbors. These are the same friends and neighbors who buy your children’s magazines, Girl Scout Cookies, and support your children’s sporting events. These are the same friends and neighbors who have invested their time and talents to create a business that is unique and unlike any other. They offer both a style and a flare to the place where you live.

Hire Locally

Small businesses provide opportunities for jobs—they hire locally. Our small businesses work at creating worthwhile jobs in our community. A lot of these businesses provide very flexible hours.


Help Local Economy

Small business shopping helps our local economy by keeping money close to home. Statistics show that 67 dollars of every 100 dollars spent with a small business stays in our community.


Invest Locally

Small businesses are much more likely to invest in the community. Research shows that small businesses are 250 times more likely to make those donations that are needed by organizations in our area. Because they live and work in our community they are much more likely to get involved in these projects that will help you and your family.


Personal Connection

In a recent survey conducted it shows that over 50 pecent of those surveyed are choosing to shop at small businesses because they are wanting to have a great shopping experience this year. A small business usually provides the best customer service. Many large companies have turned to an automated process. Our local businesses and their employees have invested their time to get to know their customers and their needs. These small businesses provide more of a personal service.


Gift Cards are a great way to share your favorite small business with friends and family. We are sharing some of our favorite small businesses with you. We hope these will give you some ideas for your gift giving this year. Our brick and mortar stores are working diligently to provide a wonderful shopping experience while keeping their locations sanitized and safe for their shoppers.

Let’s make an effort to shop more small businesses this year. They are the very heart of every community.

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