Suffering With Neuropathy Pain Is a Choice

neuropathy pain

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There are many things in life that we must live with but living with neuropathy pain is not one of them. Not anymore. Gone are the days of living on prescription pain medication or just learning to live with the pain. Today’s neuropathy treatments are the most advanced than ever before and target damaged nerves caused by this debilitating condition.

The first step is to get a thorough neurological evaluation and diagnosis. During the evaluation, the nerves throughout the entire body are analyzed to determine the underlying cause of the symptoms. For neuropathy, those symptoms may include burning pain, tingling in the feet, legs, or hands, muscle weakness, sensitivity, electric-like pain, numbness, and even problems with coordination/poor balance. As nerves become damaged, these symptoms slowly increase over time and can become so bad that it is difficult to walk or pick up things. Do these symptoms sound familiar to you?  

And while the majority of sufferers are older people, neuropathy can affect anyone at any age. The cause of neuropathy could be from a metabolic condition like diabetes or another cause like an autoimmune disease or arthritis, a traumatic injury, a surgery procedure gone bad, or even chemotherapy, just to name a few. No matter the cause, a thorough neuropathy evaluation will help pinpoint the underlying cause. One of the most reliable tests for neuropathy is vibration sensitivity. Other tests include evaluating skin sensation or the inability to differentiate between sharp and dull sensations. Many patients don’t know that they have neuropathy, they just know they have pain or numbness, but these basic tests can provide extensive insight into getting a correct neuropathy diagnosis. Then, based on the findings of the evaluation, a custom treatment plan is created. The plan is designed to address the severity and specific needs of each patient.

Today’s treatments are safe, non-invasive, FDA cleared, and use electric cell signaling. This effective technology, when applied to the surface of the hands or feet, sends electromagnetic neuromuscular stimulation or electric cell signals throughout the nervous system. This in turn regenerates the nerves and helps the body repair the damage. Imagine getting real, long-term neuropathy pain relief without the use of drugs, injections, and surgery. It’s time to stop taking prescription pain medication just to make it through the day.

Are you choosing to continue suffering with neuropathy pain?  Why not choose a life free from pain?  Get back to enjoying your life, walking in the park, gardening, or playing with the grandkids. The key is to seek out the right healthcare professional who can diagnose and treat neuropathy. Are you ready to live your life free from neuropathy pain?

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