Resolve to Help

By Carol Timms, Health Alliance


This time of year, we often reflect and develop resolutions. Usually those resolutions involve giving something up. We struggle for a few weeks, usually fail, and then feel lousy about our lack of self-control. This year, what if we resolve to aggressively wage peace and prioritize health in the process?

Hear me out. Peace is tranquility, a freedom from disturbance. There are a variety of ways we can bring peace into the world. Begin with giving yourself peace. Spend time in nature, be quiet, unplug, take a walk, and read a book—anything you find soothing. The benefits include improved mental health, reduced stress, and anxiety. This results in having more control over our thoughts, words, and actions; better sleep; and the ability to manage difficult situations better.

As we embark on this journey towards personal peace, let’s also recognize the profound impact it can have on our overall well-being. This ties seamlessly into the start of a new plan year for health insurance, where prioritizing preventive care becomes essential.

Share your peace with your family, friends and co-workers. You will find whatever you look for, so look for the positive. Then acknowledge and appreciate their role in your life.

Begin each day with a resolution to observe 24 hours of cease-fire from negative comments, complaints, and political bickering. If you find yourself heading in the wrong direction, take a deep breath and remind yourself of your resolution. Ask yourself if the comment you’d like to make will be useful. If not, stop. If you slip and say something you realize you shouldn’t have, acknowledge it and apologize.

Pay it forward. Whether this is buying someone a sandwich or volunteering, you will derive a sense of happiness from knowing you’ve brightened someone’s day.

Finally, smile at others. Nothing promotes peace more than a bright smile.

As we embrace the New Year, let’s not only focus on personal resolutions but also consider how our commitment to peace and health can positively impact the world around us. In the realm of health insurance, a new plan year provides an opportunity to prioritize preventive services. Schedule regular check-ups, explore wellness programs, and stay informed about available resources.

Life is busy, relationships are complicated, but nothing will help you navigate better than joining the troops who are aggressively and intentionally waging peace on multiple fronts—personal and preventative. Happy New Year!


Carol Timms is a Community Liaison at Health Alliance. In addition to her commitment to volunteering, she enjoys cooking, driving in parades, and hanging out with her two CavaPoos. Like this article? Let us know by responding to your local Liaison or to [email protected]. Thanks for reading!


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