A Source of Happiness

From the way a toddler’s eyes light up when taking their first steps on their own to the excitement a teenager feels when earning that coveted driver’s license and is finally able to venture out in the world, nothing matches the feeling of independence. It comes when starting a career after years of schooling and shines forth when making that final mortgage payment.

Expressing and holding onto that feeling is something so sacred to Americans, our celebration of independence is recognized around the world.

At one particular senior community in Peoria, personal independence is celebrated on a daily basis. At Independence Village, to be independent as long as one can be is not only encouraged it is also acknowledged as a source of happiness.

What Each New Day Brings

Any schoolchild knows the thrill that accompanies the start of a vacation period. The potential for limitless enjoyable activities infuses each day with a sense of excitement. At Independence Village, nearly every day can be met with similar excitement.

“Our activity calendar is full of activities to accommodate all!” announces Independence Village Executive Director Bayle Easley. “We continue to have daily live entertainment, physical exercise, group outings to local restaurants, and resident-led clubs such as bridge club, movie club, and card-making club, just to name a few.”

Variety is indeed the spice of life, and that sentiment does not cease to be true even after already living a long life. “We offer a wide variety of cultural beliefs and backgrounds celebrating all holidays due to our diverse population of residents,” Bayle says. “It is enriching to our residents to learn more about one another.”

As variegated as the resident population can be, it is nevertheless brought together by the family-like environment provided by the Independence Village team members and the residents themselves. That feeling is reflected by Bayle’s own experience. “A career in senior living is rewarding,” she shares, “to know that I am a part of making a difference to help families and their aging loved ones daily.”

Wherever You May Call Home

Few people experience a life where everything goes according to just what they want. Tragedy, necessity, health, and responsibility all play roles in diminishing the likelihood we’ll get what we want.

Seniors understand this fact of life better than anybody. Health concerns, the worries of loved ones, and even a reduced ability to perform the activities of daily living can certainly affect how and where a senior chooses to live.

At Independence Village, however, emphasis is placed on allowing a senior to age where they want. “Aging in place is the best and safest option for the senior community,” Bayle confirms. “At Independence Village, we believe that our seniors have the right to age in our community or their homes, safely, independently, and comfortably regardless of age or ability level.”

That is why Independence Village does not consider their community to be the only or even necessarily the best place to live for every senior out there. For those who prefer to age in place, Independence Village provides Home Health—a way to help seniors stay in the home of their choice but still have access to aid with performing their activities of daily living. “Home Health aids with that independence that seniors deserve and provides happiness to their lives,” Bayle states.

Help with daily activities is just the tip of the Home Health iceberg, however. Whatever a senior may need on their life journey, Independence Village will provide the help they need through hospice care, palliative care, and physical and occupational therapy. “All these services are provided right at the doorsteps of their home,” assures Bayle.

More Ways to Help

Part of enjoying a life of independence now unfettered by work and familial obligations is done by experiencing the little pleasures of life. At Independence Village, one of these pleasures comes through the joy of food. With a community kitchen open for the residents’ use, they can have planned cooking activities or reserve it for food-centric gatherings with friends and family.

Should residents want to enjoy eating without the task of cooking, Independence Village chefs prepare three meals per day, following a strict, senior-friendly diet.

Staff engage in many other ways to make life a lot less hectic and a little more enjoyable for the residents. “Independence Village offers transportation to doctor appointments, shopping, and leisure activities within a 10-mile radius of the community,” Bayle says.

The burden of cleaning is also lifted from off the residents’ shoulders as on-staff housekeepers offer bi-weekly apartment cleanings and laundry services.

Even with all these amenities taken care of, there is still nothing more valuable than peace of mind. Bayle wishes to assure residents and their families that safety and security are paramount at Independence Village. “We have a ‘wellness check’ intercom system in each apartment to ensure the safety of our residents. We have on-site staff 24/7 at our reception desk with security at night.”

Love Your Life

Although many people still equate aging with becoming increasingly dependent upon others, those both working and living at Independence Village seek to prove that belief is a limited one. There, the goal is to love the way you live, which is something that can only be truly achieved by being able to live freely.

At Independence Village loving life comes from still being able to experience that same light on the face of a toddler, that same excitement in the heart of a teenager, the feeling that is unlike anything else on earth. It is a happiness that can only be felt by earning, enjoying, and maintaining one’s independence. It is a feeling enjoyed every day at Independence Village.

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