One Big Decision

By Kourtney M. Magee, Divisional Director of Community Relations, Assisted & Supportive Living Development Team

Are you considering Assisted or Supportive Living for yourself or a loved one? We understand that this can be a difficult, yet important decision. You wouldn’t purchase a home on the spur of the moment, so why wait until the last minute to make decisions about future care needs? Waiting until the last minute can greatly effect and limit your options.

From our family to yours, Evergreen Senior Living has compiled what we (and our residents and families) have found to be helpful tips when exploring your Assisted or Supportive Living options.

Include Everyone

As you begin your search for a successful transition, it’s vital to include your VIPs—Very Important People. If you are looking for a loved one, include them in your exploration so this decision is not being made for them, but with them. Their opinion matters; after all you want them to be safe AND happy, correct?

It’s wise to ask others involved in the care of that loved one to give input or be present: extended family, caregivers, physicians, etc.

Shop Around

As a consumer, there are now multiple healthcare options available to you! Be sure to educate yourself on the options in your area and schedule visits with each community. Make sure you are comparing apples to apples! For example, Independent Living differs from Assisted Living. While Independent Living may cost less, there is usually no or minimal assistance offered.

Discover Needs and Wants

Assisted and Supportive Living communities provide services and amenities, many that are customized to each individual. Before you visit, prepare a list of what you or the senior NEEDS (shower assist or three meals a day) as well as what the senior WANTS (free Wi-Fi, transportation). This will help prioritize what is truly important, keeping those MUST-HAVES at the top of the list. Refer to this list as you compare each community so that you can eliminate options that do not meet your needs.

Choices, Choices, Choices

We all want options, right? Regardless of the situation, we like to make our own choices. That doesn’t change when living in an Assisted or Supportive living community. When you visit communities, make sure to make note of the choices available: meals, apartment sizes, customized care, social opportunities… this list is endless!


One of the main reasons to schedule a visit is to see firsthand the type of environment a community offers. During this time of COVID-19, many communities are offering virtual visits via Skype or FaceTime. Ask to see and notice if community grounds and common areas are clean, well designed, and inviting; if

residents seem happy and engaged; and how the staff and residents interact. Often times, we at Evergreen Senior Living hear “I knew right away that this was the place for mom.” Pay attention to those gut feelings and instincts, whether good or bad.

Philosophy of Care

Every community provides something just a little different from their competition. Take the time to ask about move-in requirements and move-out criteria—it is best not to be surprised, especially in a crisis situation. When exploring options for memory care, chat further about different approaches used, staff training requirements, and overall philosophy. You might be surprised what you learn and how that might sway your decision on selecting a new home for you or your loved one.

Reviews & Feedback

Thanks to technology and social media, customer reviews are at your fingertips! Explore what others have experienced. Ask residents and families you may encounter on the tour for their honest opinions about the community. Are there testimonials on their website? It is likely the majority of the comments and ratings will be an accurate reflection of the community.

You have many options when choosing an Assisted or Supportive Living community. Plan ahead, tour the communities, and take notes. The care and happiness of you or your loved one depend on it!

For more information about assisted or supportive living contact Evergreen Place, 309-268-4204 or Evergreen Village at 309-834-2603. You can also visit:

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