7 Ways To Boost Your Dog’s Health

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There’s nothing we want more than a long life and good health for our dogs and cats. But since animals can’t look after their health themselves, the responsibility lies on us, as the dog owner, to make sure that the four-legged buddy is always in the pink of health. Most of us are aware of vaccines, medicine, and food brands that are often recommended by veterinarians. However, holistic vets have another, different take on how to jump-start and boost your pet’s health, including some natural ways. Here are 7 effective ways to do this. 

1. Bring the dog to the vet for annual check-ups

Pups below a year-old need regular visits to the vet for shots and medications. By the time they reach one to 10 years of age, experts recommend a yearly check-up as a preventive measure against the development of common diseases like heartworm, allergies, and gingivitis. Dogs older than 10 years may need semi-annual vet visits. 

2. Learn about your individual dog’s allergies

At least 10 percent of dogs are allergic to something. Dog allergies commonly have symptoms such as itchiness; red, inflamed skin; ear infections; and constant licking. But the cause of the allergy may come from food, the environment, changes in the season or flea bites, thus the treatment will depend on the triggers. If your dog constantly suffers from a leaky gut, itching, skin infections, hair loss, abnormal bowel movements, and ear infection, you should get him tested for allergies and adjust your dog care process according to that.

3. Be aware of, and heal your dog’s leaky gut

Factors like diet, medication, and stress can lead to “leaky gut”—also known as dysbiosis syndrome. The symptoms of this condition vary depending on the cause. But you’ll need to watch out for bloating, diarrhea, gas, hyperacidity, bladder problems, and pain in the abdomen. If your dog has developed conditions like allergies, intestinal distress coupled with vomiting, respiratory issues and chronic fatigue, you might want to have your dog checked for a leaky gut. Your dog might need to take antibiotics and enzyme supplements to treat the condition. A change in diet might also be in order.

4. Feed your dog foods with antioxidants

Boost your dog’s health with a diet rich in antioxidants. These are foods that contain high amounts of polyphenols and vitamins that help the dog’s body get rid of the free radicals that may impact his immunity to diseases. According to Pet MD, antioxidants in many healthy human foods like apples, cooked sweet potatoes, broccoli, prunes, red berries, and beans protect your dog’s body from cell damage caused by toxins. It also may slow down or completely prevent the development of serious health issues.

5. Try raw feeding

For the last three decades, renowned animal nutritionist Dr. Richard Patton has long advocated for this kind of diet versus kibble feeding. Dr. Patton and many others believe that feeding dogs only dry kibble can cause damage to their endocrine system. Dogs benefit from the natural enzymes and good bacteria found in raw foods. They could also gain better nutrition from this type of diet since raw food does not include the synthetic vitamins or nutrients, preservatives, and additives that might cause food allergies and promote obesity in dogs. There are many excellent brands of commercially prepared, frozen raw food patties and nuggets that are convenient and easy to use. 

6. Skip some of the vaccines

Do you make it a habit to vaccinate your dog every year? While vaccination has saved the lives of some dogs, not all dog vaccines are necessary. Moreover, with essential core vaccines, many experts say that it’s better to space this out every three years instead of once a year to lessen the risks of the side effects. Giving yearly vaccines to pets might be excessive. There have been plenty of cases where the dog’s immunity to diseases lasts a lifetime after the first vaccination. 

7. Resist using chemicals when treating flea and ticks

Flea and ticks are common health issues in dogs, especially in the summer season, with a ton of different flea treatments available. But there are many safe, natural methods that are effective for controlling fleas including essential oils and apple cider vinegar. Frequent bathing is also a good way to control fleas.

It goes without saying that the health of your dog should be a priority since he is already part of the family. If you are interested in a holistic approach to your pet’s health, do your own research and talk to your vet. 

Information for this article taken from www.TopDogTips.com, a website that helps new and veteran dog owners make informed decisions about their pets’ health, care and products based on advice from the experts. 

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