Keep Your Dollars Local and Help the Community

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By Dave Molleck


Today, unlike 20 years ago, we have options for shopping like never before. With just a few clicks of a computer keyboard or smart phone we find ourselves shopping across the globe for the best deal possible. But, what if it really isn’t the deal in the long run?  Yes, sometimes the price of goods can be a little lower, but I’ve seen those online stores creeping up in price, too. So the savings on those purchases are slowly diminishing. It used to be that a consumer could save money shopping online due to not being forced to pay the sales tax, but that has changed with legislation of new laws. Everybody wants to find the best deal out there, but the consumer must realize that the online purchases don’t help grow the local economy.

What many consumers don’t realize is that those local businesses contribute a great deal to the local economy. The local economy is usually more important than the national economy because it has a quicker direct effect on you and your families. It’s the local businesses that help support the park districts, recreation, museums, and nonprofits. The nonprofits are essential for people with specific needs that many times aren’t covered by insurance.

Local medical is important, too. The hospitals work hard to attract the best medical professionals to the area. These sought-after specialists look closely at potential jobs knowing the effects of the communities on their families. Good schools, parks, and shopping may play a big part in deciding where they want to live.

So, the next time you find yourself driving past the local shops, stop in and look around, you might find just what you’re looking for. The small shop owner needs your help and so do your neighbors. Let’s keep our small businesses thriving so our local economy stays strong.


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