Create Mouthwatering Meals in Minutes


Quick and easy yet delicious meals make time spent in the kitchen effective and enjoyable. Next time you’re in a time crunch for lunch or a simple dinner at home, lean on recipes that require five ingredients or less and can be ready in a snap.

These Creamy Chicken Risotto and Chile Verde recipes are perfect in a pinch to satisfy hunger without requiring complicated prep or cooking steps. Just heat rice and add ingredients like cheese and seasonings for flavorful meals you can cook in mere minutes.

With a main ingredient like Minute Chicken & Herb Seasoned Rice Cups, you can have the base of your recipe ready in only 1 minute. Featuring a new and improved recipe, the cups offer a homestyle taste with carrots, onion and garlic, making them a perfect addition to salads, soup or as an easy side.

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Creamy Chicken Risotto

1 Minute Chicken & Herb Seasoned Rice Cup2 tablespoons heavy cream1 tablespoon shredded Parmesan cheese2 teaspoons chopped basil1 pinch garlic powderMicrowave rice according to package instructions. Add heavy cream, Parmesan cheese, basil, and garlic powder; mix to combine.

Chile Verde

1 Minute Chicken & Herb Seasoned Rice Cup2 teaspoons salsa verde1 tablespoon shredded cheese 1/16 teaspoon ground cumin Microwave rice according to package instructions.

Add salsa verde, shredded cheese, and ground cumin; mix to combine.


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