What Really Happened

By Deb Austin


Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house,

Not a creature was stirring, except me, I’m the mouse.


And I’m going to tell you what I saw that night!


Mom and Dad were asleep – the little ones, too.

But an hour ago, it had been like a zoo!


Max and Adi were all wired up on candy and cookies and upset that they couldn’t stay up to see Santa. That’s the guy who is supposed to sneak in late at night to put presents under the tree and fill your socks with treats.


Their stockings were draped over the back of a chair.

We don’t have a fireplace, so Mom said, “Put them there.”


They left a plate of cookies and some milk in a cup,

Next to the tree which was all lit up.


I guess you’re supposed to thank the guy with some carbs and a little protein.


But now, it was quiet and I needed some rest, too.

So, I scurried to find a comfortable shoe.


I had just snuggled into Mom’s big fuzzy slipper,

And gazed out the window where I saw the big dipper.


The night sky was clear and the glass was frosty

As my eyes drifted closed….


WHOOOSH! Something big just flew past the window!


I couldn’t tell what it was in that state,

But, I wasn’t about to just stay there and wait.


There were noises outside now, I couldn’t make out,

Then all of a sudden I heard a loud shout.


“Whoa Rudolph!”


In their sleep they were snoring and Dad scratched his head,

And no sounds were coming from the little ones’ beds.


I lay there in shock just holding my breath,

I admit I was scared—almost to death.


Now noises were coming from the living room now

A big thump, heavy footsteps and soft, Ho Ho Ho.



I mustered some courage and crept down the hall,

Until I stood trembling quiet and small.


I’d heard him described but could never believe,

But, now he was here with crumbs on his sleeve.


A big bag of toys lay open at his feet,

While he sat there and finished his milk and his treat.


Then he rose with an Umph! And caught sight of me there,

So small in the corner, my face in a stare.


But, he just winked at me and smiled then went to work putting presents and toys under the tree and filling the stockings with treats.


The last gift he placed was a tiny red box,

Much too small for the parents or even the tots.


He looked at me again and smiled. And with a finger of his big white-gloved hand, he nudged that tiny red box in my direction and smiled. Oh boy! Was that for me? I ran over and sure enough, my name was on the tag—Micky Mouse the 12th. While I was checking out my present, he snuck back outside.


I heard him shout out “Dash Away, Dash Away…”

And barely got to the window to see him and his sleigh.


Can you believe it? This old guy had a big sleigh decked out with lights and bells and pulled by nine reindeer. And then they took off and flew! Actually flying!


Now this was too much for my poor little head,

So, I grabbed up my gift and went back to bed.


I’m not sure it was real, all I saw and I heard tonight.

Our meeting by the tree and that departing flight.


But, maybe in the morning, if the evidence is still there,

I’ll know that old guy really does live somewhere.


I’ll see it all clearly just as plain as can be,

The kids opening their presents from under the tree.


I’ll be able to tell you in honest belief,

There really is a Santa Clause, Virginia!

Whew, what a relief!

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