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Submitted by the YWCA

YWCA’s RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Program) is a one-stop resource for adults 55 and older who want to get involved in the community through volunteerism. Participants are carefully matched with non-profit agencies throughout McLean County for short- or long-term commitments. RSVP members are connected to a broad network of meaningful volunteer opportunities through one-on-one agency matching. RSVP members receive ongoing support and communication with RSVP staff throughout your volunteer experience along with ongoing recognition of their vital contributions. RSVP members also receive supplemental (secondary) accident, personal liability, and auto liability insurance (beyond your own coverage) while volunteering at no cost to the volunteer.

There are three objectives we focus on in YWCA’s RSVP. The first objective is to provide inter-generational education throughout McLean County. We do this by pairing RSVP volunteers with younger children at various non-profit agencies that serve children. Activities include: reading to children in-person or virtual, playing board games, and making educational take home packs. We believe that children do not have enough opportunities to engage with older adults in our community. By creating intentional education opportunities for both age ranges we are keeping older adults more active and children learning and thriving.

The second objective we focus on is nutrition for low-income families. We meet this goal by having RSVP volunteers deliver food to various schools in McLean County in order to supplement meals that children receive throughout their academic school day. Our generous volunteers can contribute to the snacks or simply join in on the fun of delivering them to schools.

YWCA RSVP’s final objective is to provide nutrition to veterans and active military families. It is important to us that those that serve our Country are recognized for their efforts. We love to drop off goodie bags to agencies in McLean County that serve veterans or active military families. 

If you are wanting to give back to your community look, no further than YWCA RSVP. Call or check out our website for more information. We love showing appreciation to our volunteers bi-annually through recognition events. If you know of a non-profit agency that would benefit from having volunteers please contact YWCA RSVP.

For more information about volunteer opportunities, please reach out to Melissa Breeden, Vice President YWCA McLean County, at 309-662-0461 ext. 234 or email her at [email protected].


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