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Proctor Place has been providing retirees of the Peoria area with a community of care, respect, and compassion for over 115 years. From their inception on Spring Street a century ago to their comfortably elegant facility on Reservoir Boulevard, they continue to set the bar high in quality retirement living.


A History of Compassion

John C. Proctor came to Peoria in 1843 and by the time of his passing, in 1907, he had built a successful lumber company, been a founder and president of the First National Bank, and established a legacy as one of Peoria’s greatest philanthropists.

His contributions were extensive, but one of the most enduring came late in life. In 1906, he founded the John C. Proctor Endowment Home on Spring Street to provide a home and compassionate care for seniors in the Peoria area.

Although Mr. Proctor remained a lifelong bachelor, his faith in humanity and adherence to family values were apparent through his charitable contributions and closeness with his siblings. His first job in Peoria was with two of his brothers, and upon his death at the very home he founded, his brother was appointed to the home’s board of directors.

Descendants of his family have maintained an unbroken chain of participation in the board for 116 years. Currently, J. Andrew P. Stone, whose great-grandmother was John C. Proctor’s great-niece, serves as chairman of the board. His father and sister are also members of the board, assuring the tradition of maintaining John C. Proctor’s vision continues.


Family Values

Donna Malone, President and CEO of Proctor Place, brings that vision to life through a team that focuses on the home’s seven Family Values as the foundation of life at Proctor Place.

  • Live with compassion.
  • Make a difference in someone’s life each day.
  • Create memories and meaningful relationships.
  • Build a culture based on respect.
  • Appreciate the importance of independence.
  • Happiness is contagious, spread it daily.
  • Provide best-in-class quality of life.


“The focus is on a close, family environment,” she says, “with the goal of giving people the respect and independence to live as they choose, while resting assured that there is additional support and care available when it is needed and how it is needed.”


Life at Proctor Place

Life at Proctor Place is about having the freedom to live comfortably without the stress that life sometimes brings. Donna reminds people of the benefits of moving in early in their retirement in order to make full use of all the advantages the community provides. “Proctor Place is here to allow our residents to live the life they want to live today and truly enjoy retirement”, she says.

Rather than retiring to a life of home maintenance and endless chores, the amenities provided by Proctor Place give people the freedom to choose. Proctor Place provides three different dining options with two cafes and one large dining room where three meals a day are provided, but the option to stay in and prepare your own meal is also available. Full laundry service is provided to all residents, but there are also facilities if you prefer to do your own.

Perhaps the most liberating benefit is the freedom from bills. There are no real estate taxes and major utilities are taken care of. Lawn care is done, and, with three meals available per day your grocery expenses also virtually disappear. Other amenities include:

  • Full Housekeeping service
  • Transportation for weekly shopping trips
  • Numerous activities and programs
  • Library and computer lab
  • In-room emergency call system


Proctor Place also offers a full Concierge service. No matter if it is help with reservations or assistance later in life when driving is a challenge to run an errand, the Proctor Place Concierge is at your service.

All of these benefits merge to provide the freedom for residents to spend their time in retirement as they choose, unfettered by the routine tasks of daily life. Proctor Place even provides transportation no matter if that’s to and from medical appointments or just some shopping a resident would like to do.

Shepherd’s Way, their private, on-campus skilled health care area, is available to residents 24 hours a day. Residents of the community have the security and comfort of knowing that as they age, and perhaps lose the ability to live independently, they have the support and assurance that where they made their home will remain their home for life.

“As a Life Care home you can spend the rest of your life here knowing you will be taken care of,” Donna says. “Should something happen to you, and you need temporary care in the hospital or in our Shepherd’s Way skilled health care area, your apartment is held for you until you are able to return. If your doctor determines skilled health care is needed permanently, as a Proctor Place life care resident you are guaranteed a place in our skilled health care area. You can spend your time enjoying life and know no matter what the future holds, this is your home.


Proctor Place Today

Proctor Place moved to their current location of Reservoir Boulevard in 1976. The Heights apartments provide mainly one-bedroom and two-bedroom options with a lounge located on almost every floor for extra space to enjoy. In 1981, they introduced their Garden View independent-living units. These one- and two-bedroom apartments include a kitchen and a balcony or patio for appreciating the outdoors. The Garden View apartments are also especially nice for those residents moving in with their furry friend.

To celebrate their 100th year in operation, Proctor Place opened their Centennial units in 2006. These spacious one- and two-bedroom condominiums boast nearly 1,000 square feet of living space for even a one-bedroom apartment.

All areas of the home are interconnected, allowing indoor travel from every apartment to the skilled health care area, each of the three dining options, and recreational areas.

Proctor Place is also planning ahead for their next 100 years. In addition to their location on Reservoir Boulevard, Proctor Place owns just over 40 acres of farm ground near The Shoppes at Grand Prairie. “We’re excited about our future plans to offer retirement living like no other in the area,” Donna says. “Our goal is to offer more of a park-like setting with plenty of green space to enjoy.”

For 116 years Proctor Place has been providing a long-term, secure life care option for retirees. As times change, longevity increases, and health care advances, Proctor Place evolves to provide for their residents in  a family-oriented environment stressing independence and  compassion, with the security of lifelong health care and support.


If you would like to learn more about Proctor Place please call Amber at 309-566-4205.


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