Breaking Down Barriers to Yoga

By Hannah Ramlo, Soulside Healing Arts

Soulside Healing Arts is a yoga studio with a social mission. Our team of teachers have been working together since opening our doors in June of 2018 to reduce financial, physical, and cultural barriers to yoga. The studio offers 18+ classes a week on a pay-as-you-can basis. Those who can pay market rate or more are encouraged to do so to expand access to city-wide holistic health, but no one is turned away based on what they are able to pay. We focus on providing a variety of yoga styles so that any one of any age can find healing through movement. 

Options for Beginning a Yoga Practice with Soulside

  • Beginners Yoga Series: About every other month, Soulside host a four-week series for brand new beginners. People of all ages and ailments are welcome; yoga can work for every body when approached with curiosity and openness. Contact us to find out when the next series is. 
  • Gentle Yoga: On Mondays from 12:10-12:50, a gentle yoga class is held at Soulside. The instructor is experienced in leading a diverse group where some individuals practice from a chair and others use the mat. This class is pay-as-you-can and drop-ins are welcome.
  • Chair Yoga: If you’re part of a group interested in trying chair yoga, we will come to you! Chair yoga is designed for individuals who find it difficult to get up and down off the ground but still desire the benefits of yoga like mobility, relaxation, and flexibility. Contact us to learn about pricing for off-site visits. 
  • Meditation: Research tells us the benefits of a meditation practice include better sleep, reduced memory loss, and decreased anxiety. Find the meditation classes on our schedule to drop-in and start practicing. 
  • Restorative and Yin Yoga: These two styles of yoga are slow-paced and welcoming to beginners. Our teachers will make sure you’re comfortable in each pose which is then held for 3-5 minutes, targeting deep ligaments and fascia and providing profound rest. 
  • Tai Chi for Better Balance: An eight-week series begins this February for individuals who want to reduce their risk of falling. Practice mindful movement in a peaceful studio with like-minded people. Contact us to register. 

Outside of the studio, Soulside’s trauma-informed team teaches classes in social service agencies and schools. We meet clients, staff, and students where they’re at, equipped with practices that promote self-awareness, self-agency, and self-love. When you visit the studio, donate, or bring Soulside to your group, you are becoming a partner in our mission of making holistic wellness accessible to all. 

More information can be found at Soulside Healing Arts’ Executive Director, Hannah Ramlo, can be reached at 309-623-4998 or [email protected].

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